10 steps to self determination



  1. Move out of the public and into the private.

When you join commonwealthcustodians.org, as a member, you are giving your allegiance to the Non-corporate Commonwealth and breaking the presumption and assumption that you are part of the Corporate Commonwealth. The Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 Chapter 2-1, section 11 describes the two Commonwealth entities. One, the Non-Corporate, which is part of The Commonwealth and two, the Corporate, which is ‘legally separate,’ meaning foreign to the Commonwealth.

2. Unincorporate the name.

Become the Executor for Contracts for your unincorporated Natural Person that has an A.B.N. This tells ‘The System’ that you are not incorporated into it. You can find the step-by-step video that gives the process how to do this, as a member inside the private server commonwealthcustodians.org when you join “unincorporate the name” group. Unincorporating the name simply gives you control over ‘the name’ and you become the executor of contracts. There is nothing to fear as its you are competent and not considered “incompetent” when you sign after the X. It is possible your records may be removed from MyHeritage.com and ancestry.com and it is possible that after a period your records may not be displayed on corporate police files. There is no guarantee however, it is important to share that is possible.

3. Apply for a certified copy of your information of living birth.

Join the group “information of living birth” to learn the steps to get a certified copy of your information of living birth in your state. (This is not the birth certificate; it is the document before the certificate was registered.)

4. Claim your Estate.

This is the estate that is part of The Commonwealth.

Join the “Testament to Will” group/s to learn about the Proclamation, Claim of Right, Occupancy of the Office of Executor, terms, and conditions document. You then become the Executor for your Estate.

5. Learn how to write notices and letters as the Executor for contracts for your unincorporated “Natural Private Person” with an A.B.N.

Inside the commonwealth custodians site find groups to join that have examples of notices and information. You can join DISCORD to watch videos and ask questions in the community lounge. You will need to “authorise” discord first under your profile in the top right-hand corner of the site. There is also a forum to use to ask questions, a chat bot, and connect with other members. Also, another very important way of learning is join the zoom meetings every Monday and Thursday nights at 7:30pm. You will need to use the sites updated links and register using your email and enter via your email link sent, to get onto the zoom meeting.

6. You can purchase an Authorised King James Version Bible (1611). This bible is God/creators law book where Common Law was derived from.

7. You are able to set up an Express Trust with the Commonwealth Custodians and become the Trustee for your Estate. Join the relevant groups to learn more about this.

8. Learn how to operate your Estate as a Trustee.

9. Relinquish all political affiliations. Political parties, and even ‘Independents’ that are corporatised/incorporated are foreign to The Commonwealth. The Commonwealth meaning, the autonomous community where the people are vested with the absolute supreme authority with concern to The Commonwealth of Australia. So, anyone that is part of a Corporate Commonwealth “representing” the people is foreign to representing the people’s authority and so cannot do the peoples will or be trusted to do so.  Thus, we the people, in good conscience, cannot elect/vote for any political party or Corporate Independents. We require the ability to elect representatives of the people for the people to do the job of representing their community when we have a real Non-corporate Commonwealth election. If they fail to represent the peoples will they will be removed and we the people do not wait four years to ‘vote’ them out.

10. Know that you are not a corporate “AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN”, you are a Commonwealth National. You are not a Sovereign Citizen (Sovereign Citizen is an oxymoron and regarded as ‘terrorists’ by the Corporate Government).

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