Affirmation of Allegiance & Recording


Affirmation of Allegiance

Natural Law – The Law of Nations

The Balfour-Report defines the group (The Dominion of New Zealand, The Dominion of Canada and The Commonwealth of Australia etc.) as self-governing communities composed of Great Britain and the Dominions as “autonomous Communities within the British Empire, equal in status, in no way subordinate one to another in any aspect of their domestic or external affairs, though united by a common allegiance to the Crown, and freely associated as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.” The findings of the report were made law by the British Parliament in the 1931 Statute of Westminster, the founding document of the modern Commonwealth.


When we are born, we are born into our homeland (Country) and Nation (The People) which is an Autonomous Community, where the absolute supreme authority is vested in The People, with any concern to the functioning and protection of our Nation and our fellow countrymen, we have a “Natural Born Allegiance” and are a National of our Country, The Commonwealth of Australia, but, our Nation has had a Counterfeit Lookalike usurp our Original Constitutional Parliament/Government, this counterfeit lookalike is a product of what was known as the Westphalian System, which is now know as Globalism, these Counterfeit Lookalikes are all Legal Fiction with Legal Personhood, that are made under Corporate “International Law” and that are nothing more than Corporations mascaraing as Official Commonwealth Offices, the perpetrators of this deceptive Corporate takeover of our Nation have by stealth and subterfuge, superimposed these counterfeit lookalikes over The Original Commonwealth, and have been robbing The People of The Commonwealth of their wealth and giving it over to Foreign powers for over fifty years.


Note: Anything done by deceit, is null and void from the beginning…


Maxim of law: “He who dose not affirm his Rights, has none”; this also goes for if you do not affirm your authority, you will also have none… Free men, free themselves, slaves wait to be freed..


Everything in the Corporate System is based on presumption (We are known by our actions) this Document (Below) declares your Allegiance, identifies your Nationality and confirms your Authority as one of The People of The Commonwealth to occupy any Office of The Commonwealth as a Caretake/Protector in Good faith... and breaks any presumption that your Allegiance is to the Foreign Belligerent Corporate NATION-STATE that has usurped this Nation and also of you being a (Roman) CITIZEN thereof... This Document can be Recorded on The Public Record of The Commonwealth by The Commonwealth Office of Record...

Affirmation of Allegiance and Instruction on how to fill it out and to have it Sealed and Recorded by The Commonwealth Office of Record on to the Public Record of The Commonwealth…

Affirmation of Allegiance

Sealing and Recording

Pay for Sealing and Recording and enclose recept with Document along with a return self address envelope and send to Commonwealth Office of Records, as shown on instructions downloaded with the Affirmation of Allegiance..


Printed Affirmation of Allegiance on 100% Cotton Paper

Printed Affirmation of Allegiance

Order: Affirmation Printed on 100% Cotton Paper

Available to Order: Printed Affirmation of Allegiance on 100% Cotton Paper – 32lb. cotton paper (when stored properly) will last well over 100 years.


I have had some people ask about the “Affirmation of Allegiance”, in concern to it being a oath and that the Bible says not to swear oaths and let your yea be your yea and your nay be your nay etc. and also about revoking other oath’s like the Magna Carta etc. This was my answer to these question so everyone is clear about the Affirmation… Firstly, It is not an oath, it is an Affirmation, and this is what I do, as you say, in the Bible it says not to do oaths and in Matthew 5:37 “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” K.J.V., if you look in The Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 (Imp.) (On the last page) you will see there is an Oath or an Affirmation you can take, the oath requires that you hold a K.J.V. Bible in your hand while you take the Oath, The Affirmation is affirming your truth, it is saying this is my yes to this statement.. Secondly; It says “I revoke by annulment any other affirmation, oath, contract, pledge, vow and allegiance, entered into knowingly or unknowingly, that may conflict with this devout undertaking now made here; and” It only revoke that which is in conflict with it, God, K.J.V., English Common law, Imperial Law (Magna Carta), Equity, Natural Law etc. do not conflict with it, it would only be Roman/Babylonian law used by the Corporate that is in conflict with it… and a lot of people have unknowingly entered into these things (Silent Contracts – Presumption)- that is why it is there…