Affirmation of Allegiance

"...Come out of her, my people..." Rev: 18:4


The Affirmation of Allegiance is a very important tool for you to use to come out of the CORPORATE SYSTEM.

Below are three Affirmations:

1. Constitutional - Affirmation of Allegiance
2. Commonwealth - Affirmation of Allegiance
3. Nationalisation – Affirmation of Allegiance

Why is your Allegiance important?
It is important in many ways. Primarily, it is to do with jurisdiction and the “Consent of the Governed.” If you are a National of The Commonwealth of Australia, you cannot be governed/controlled by any Foreign Jurisdiction, which in our case is the COUNTERFEIT CORPORATE COMMONWEALTH GOVERNMENT, unless of course you consent or contract.

The people of Australia have been deceived into consenting to be governed by a Foreign Legal Entity masquerading as the Government of The Commonwealth of Australia. The Corporate Government presumes and assumes, by our actions such as voting in Corporate Elections and using their laws, courts, benefits, and privileges, that we are under their jurisdiction and consenting to be governed.

What do your actions demonstrate?
Are you playing in their Corporate World/Sandpit with their bucket (Laws) and spade (Politics) etc. If so, you must play by their RULES/LAWS and be subject to its ROMAN and PRIVATE INTERNATION LAW and not the real laws of the Commonwealth Constitution and English Natural/Imperial/Equity/Common Law.

Continuing the notion of being known by our actions and by affirming your Allegiance to The Commonwealth, it demonstrates that you are a National of the Commonwealth of Australia and in the Private.

A Maxim of Law states that: "He who does not assert his rights, has none." This also applies to authority, he that does not assert his authority, has none. The People have the right to return to and reclaim The Commonwealth.

Once the people have reclaimed The Commonwealth, they are the authority under The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp.) and English Imperial/Equity/Common Law which is the law of the Land.

"Free men free themselves, slaves wait to be freed."



Constitutional - Affirmation of Allegiance:

The First Affirmation is in accordance with The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imperial) and is to The Crown, the Head of The Commonwealth. This Affirmation is required to be taken to occupy any Commonwealth Office as well as an oath of Office for most Offices, such as Parliamentary, Judiciary and Crown/Public Servants etc.

God Save The King

Constitutional - Affirmation of Allegiance

Affirmation of Allegiance as proscribed within The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Impearl)


Commonwealth - Affirmation of Allegiance

The Second Affirmation is to The Commonwealth, which is The Sovereign People of The Commonwealth of Australia, an Autonomous Community that Created the above said Constitution. In the “Annotated Constitution” written by Quick and Garran, page 286 states “… for the truth is the supreme, absolute, uncontrollable authority remains with the people.”

Commonwealth - Affirmation of Allegiance

Affirmation of Allegiance to the Sovereign People of The Commonwealth of Australia


Nationalisation - Affirmation of Allegiance:

The Third Affirmation is for those people not born in The Commonwealth, and who would like to join The Autonomous Community of The Commonwealth of Australia and be recognised as National thereof. To qualify you must have been in Australia for over five years and have a good knowledge of the English language and law and have two people with a Natural Born Allegiance who have known you for at least three years and who are willing to attest to your good character, accept you into the Community and witness your solemn promise of allegiance to this Nation.

Nationalisation - Affirmation of Allegiance

Affirmation of Allegiance to The Commonwealth of Australia and the Sovereign People thereof



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  1. Hi Guys, I have been away researching i have an original Affirmation to the Liz that I didnt submit. Is it still valid to lodge or does it need to be the Charles?
    Cheers Grant

    • If it is all ready signed and dated, that one you have is fine.. contact Andrew at

      • Hi guys I have 2 kids one 13years and one 8 years what should I get them to do? Thanks

        • Hi Luke,

          The Constitutional one is always going to be the strongest and is the one you need to do if you wish to hold any Commonwealth Office… The Commonwealth one proves your allegiance and that you are in The Commonwealth and both record that you have returned from beyond the see and are in The Commonwealth.

  2. Can you please advise on the legitimacy of affirming allegiance to Charles III in light of the invocation of Magna Carta Article 61 in 2001 over the Nice Treaty as described in the following document?

    • I will address that if you provide me the detail of how to get in contact with the “committee of 25 Barons”, I think you will fined there are none.. Free men free themselves.

      We use The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp.) gazetted on the first day of the first month 1901 and all British imperial/Common law which includes The Magna Carter 1215. The Magna Carta 1215 is just part of the Law… How the allegiance is to be taken is on the last page of The Constitution and is according to Law.

  3. Hi Keith,
    I am not born in any Commonwealth country. Which Affirmation of Allegiance should I use? Same goes to my husband and 2 Children, 22y/o and 18 y/o. And I have another son who was born her in QLd, 14 y/o. Should we all need to reclaim pur names first before the Affirmation? Thank you.

    • Hi Ann,
      You, your man and the eldest two offspring would do the Nationalisation Affirmation, the other son born here can do either of the other two Affirmations.

  4. Hey guys who can I speak to regarding the correct way to fill out the affirmation of allegiance form?

    • There are instruction that come with it… or ask at the members meetings on Monday or Thursday Night…

  5. Hi Kieth, do we need to do the commonwealth AA or just the constitutional one, which i have done, plus trust coming soon.

    • Just the Constitution one, which is the one where you can occupy any Commonwealth office if need be…

  6. HI Keith
    I am from Tasmania and not born in any Commonwealth country. do I have to unincoprated my name first to Affirmation of Allegiance or i can do it before that? the Same goes to my wife and 4 Children, 17, 15, 12, 9 Y/0. Should we all need to reclaim per names first before the Affirmation? Thank you.
    I relly need some help with filling form of unicoprated as I got only a citizenship but now an australian passport do not know what kind of registration i have to fill. thank you.

    • Hi Abdella,

      Yeah you will have to unincorporate The Name first, and you also need to have been here for at least 5 years and have a good command of the English language and knowledge of its Laws etc..

    • Huss hello i believe you are on our Tassy Custodian page now we do gather also once a month a my place and i am available to help at any stage

  7. Hello Keith, I have lived in Australia since 1969. I speak fluent English and have a good understanding of the laws. I am a Australian citizen and I would appreciate some guidance pls. Firstly you mention , to qualify I will need two people,with a Natural Born Allegiance who have known me for minimum of three years who are willing to attest to my good character. I don’t know any people who have a Natural Born Allegiance. Is there any other option pls ?. Thank you

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