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This Page is Under Construction and may not have your state's details in full as yet (but may have other States information as a guid, to help you research yours), hopefully we will have more details soon to help.

Birth Information Form

Here you will find information supplied by members that have obtained their Birth Information Form and had it Apostilled and so forth in this State. All the States call The Form by different names and these have also changed over different years, they also have their own Forms and ways of filling them out etc..

Information will be added to the page as it is made available... The Form you want will be filled in by hand and have the doctor and nurse/midwife as witness to the baby being born and is the source document of the Birth Certificate.

This form is evidence that you are born into The Commonwealth of Australia and therefore you have a natural born allegiance thereto and your estate is a part thereof and therefore you are a National of The Commonwealth of Australia... And then by getting this document Apostilled, you are putting it on to the Corporate Public Record, that you are the holder in due course of this very important document, that evidence these facts and confirms your rights and authority, as one of The people of The British Commonwealth, which are under The Constitution and the inherent English Imperial, Equity and Common Law thereof, and also that you cannot any longer be presumed missing and assumed dead on their UN-Holy see of Commerce by the Corporate System...


The Document in this State (Vic.) is currently referred to as the “Original Registration Document”, it is more than likely that it has had many different titles over the years, following are points that you will need to remember when getting it:
1. The State does not like to give out this document, so they will usually try to not make it easy for you and will more than likely try to give you a Birth Certificate instead of the Form, this is likely to happen even more so if they think you are, what they refer to as with the oxymoron term “Sovereign Citizen”, don’t do any Free Man or Sovereign stuff, just write in Proper English Grammar, and also just give a normal addresses that won’t rase red flags, you are not contracting with them, except to get the document, so it does not really matter.

2. The document is a handwritten form, filled out by your parents, and most of the time witnessed by the Doctor and Nurse/Midwife and is the source document of the Birth Certificate.

3. If you have to send I.D. with it, the Documents you send, will have to be Certified as a True Copy by a J.P. or someone else, that they will except as authorised to witness the document.

4. If you are getting them for the family, you will more that likely find that the Forms could be different because they have changed over the years.

Good Luck with it all…

Certifying Documents

When you need to provide copies of documents, you must get them certified. This proves they are true copies of the original.

To certify documents, take both the original documents and a photocopy to someone authorised to certify the copies. This includes legal practitioners, pharmacists, teachers, medical practitioners and Justices of the Peace.

The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria

Application for a Victorian original registration document


Getting your form, payment, proof of identity and any supporting documents:

Send by mail, to:
The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria
GPO Box 4332, Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: 1300 369 367

N.S.W. Form of Information of Birth

How received from B.D.&.M.


This is an example of a New South Wales Form, the blacked out detail are done for privacy reasons only and should not be done on yours, you don't have to clean it up at all if you don't want to, this is just an example to show what can be done if you wish to make it present better, only remove marks, do not remove any writing or parts of the form.

What I did was convert a PDF into an Image and then erased the marks, making the image large when erasing, is best to do.

Example of cleaned up Form

Marks removed for printing

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