Commonwealth – Affirmation of Allegiance


Coat of Arms - King George V

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Commonwealth – Affirmation of Allegiance

Fill in your Details (Below) to be inserted into the Affirmation Document... Your information will be inserted into the document and mailed to you to complete and must be witnessed by two people, that have a Natural Born Allegiance (Born Here) to The Commonwealth of Australia. Once it is completed; email a PDF copy to Commonwealth Office of Records for filling on the Public Record of The Commonwealth of Australia- Instruction will be mailed with the Document.

Full Name(Required)
Please put in the full Name by which you are called by, this is the Name that will printed on the Affirmation that will be mailed to you to complete..
Please put in your complete address, this will be printed on the Affirmation mailed to you...
Date Born(Required)
Please put in date you were born, this is used as a part of the Document File Number and will be printed on the Affirmation mailed to you...
For contact only
For contact only
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