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The Constitution as Altered to 1 December 1977

How the Consitution was Altered…

Admin-Keith 23/09/2021 08/11/2023
Birth registration Source document application Qld
Darleen Menary 25/09/2023 25/09/2023
Instructions for unincorporating your name

Step by step written instructions of the 2 step process to unincorporate your name. Read through the instuctions before you […]

melpav 10/09/2023 10/09/2023
Victorian application for original registration of birth

  It is interesting to note that in Victoria at least, the original record of birth documents are called different […]

Bechira 02/03/2023 02/03/2023
Testament of Will

These are two versions you can make your own that Keith Charles has provided. They are specialised documents and don’t […]

melpav 04/02/2023 04/02/2023
12 Steps process for Commonwealth Custodians

This is a 12 step progress guide to help you along your journey to becoming a Commonwealth National.

melpav 31/08/2022 26/01/2023
Instructions for unincorporating your name

This document includes step by step written instructions for completing the unincorporating individuals¬† process online. Included is the Australian Business […]

melpav 20/08/2022 26/01/2023
Post Master

The information in this document helps explain some jurisdiction in regards to important documents.  You become the King Pin.

melpav 30/12/2022 30/12/2022
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

We know this is in their world, however we have rights under their Charter.

melpav 14/10/2022 14/10/2022

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