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The Compendium: Commonwealth Organic Nations

I wrote the Compendium in 2015, Deirdrie C…. helped with the layout, typesetting, and pictures, it was written to not only inform but to connect dots and see things in perspective…

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The Anointed Constitution

The Authoritative Book on “The Commonwealth of Australia Consitution Act 1900 (Imp)”,  Gazzeted on the first day of January nineteen hundred and one, where states and recognises the Authority of the people of the Commonwealth; Quote: “…for the truth is the supreme, absolute, uncontrollable authority remains with the people.” – Quick and Garran annotated Constitution, p. 286.

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The Constitution as Altered to 1 December 1977

How the Consitution was Altered…

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David ward affidavit
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Miners stand in unity
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Miners United
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Miners stand in unity
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Source Document Instructions

Source Document instructions if you were born in Queensland? 1. Go to   2. Top right hand corner click on search 🔍  3. Type in search bar Birth Source document.   4. Click on the application link and it will load the required Source document application.   5. Print and fill out.   6. Provide relevant documentation. The list of acceptable I.D is Listed in the forms. Do not send originals.  A JP will or listed options will need to verify copies of these proofs of identity documents they are asking for.    7. Post via registered post and keep a tracking number for verification that they have received.  It also assists them in locating, should there be a delay. This process can take up to 6 weeks. 👍   8. Payment details are on the form   9. For follow up call 137468 when asked press 4, they will ask you what department you wish to be put through to? Birth Deaths Marriages. Once through to that area? They should be able to track via your name and or tracking details if postage. 👍   Note: if you have someone say that they don’t know what you’re talking about? Ask to be put through to a specialist.   On the form, one of the questions is why are are you requesting the document. I just put for an accurate account or Birth for family tree.   Also, as it’s a very important document. I would select either registered mail or express post for return mail.   For the Certified True photo copy of the source document. The Investment amount is One Hundred and Sixteen Dollars and Fifty Five Cents. (Photocopy of Birth Source Doc is Fifty Seven Dollars and Five cents. To have this certified a true copy = (Fifty Nine Doallars and Fifty cents.)

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WA Live Life Birth Record

Visited BD&M WA and the clerk advised WA has never had these records. He charged $37 for one to be sent for advising it could take up to 15 days to arrive & may not have on it what we want as its just a piece of paper? This leads to questions. A woman standing next to us was advised that all other states have their own websites for us to do our requests on, but not WA? Just to save you time, Hospitals here in WA are happy to give you their record department emails to write in and ask for your birth paperwork IF they have it still & if born in WA obviously. Two more of us phoned England. 6 phone calls later to varying departments it appears England is well in front of the pack by stating they have never kept records of birth documents and especially not 50-60yrs of age. We even phoned the National Archives same story. So now I am sending a F.O.I just out of persistance. All documents are kept at Archival records. You can of course still order STRAWMAN Birth Certs from the UK.

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