Affirmation of Allegiance

Victoria Reclaim and Restore’s Docs Affirmation of Allegiance

The Affirmation of Allegiance document and the instructions to complete it.

N.B. To expedite the process of mailing individual Affirmations to Keith for Commonwealth Seal.  I recommend just using a regular Australia post envelope with a tracking number.
The International stamp option is not completely necessary and appears to slow the process down.
It is also not compulsory unless you are taking a Caretaker/Polling etc. role to have Keith seal your Affirmation, however administration will need a copy for the records.  Contact your State Manager or electorate representative regarding where to send/photograph/scan of your completed Affirmation.  Cotton paper is not compulsory either, but the imperial paper size needs to be 8.5 inches x 11 inches.  A4 size can be trimmed to meet this requirement.
If you don’t have a printer or can’t access 100% cotton paper  or simply would prefer to have the document and instructions mailed to you, I can offer this service as Keith offers for $20 plus postage. Please message me.

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