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Weiss Trust

This document references the operation of a Trust. The Youtube links provide a spoken version of the document along with some helpful information throughout. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

melpav 21 September 2022 21 September 2022
Weiss Trust

This document is a reference to how a Trust can operate.  

melpav 21 September 2022 21 September 2022

After searching the web for an Australian Affidavit Form. I have constructed this document from general information and it can be adapted for your information. I have also attached a document that defines the difference between a Statutory Declaration and an Affidavit for your information.    

melpav 13 September 2022 14 September 2022
Statuary Declaration example for overseas birth

If you were born overseas you may not have the ability to obtain your live birth record. In this instance you can complete a Statuary Declaration and have it certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP). Also if you have multiple children and have all their birth details as parents this can be used.

melpav 18 August 2022 7 September 2022

UCC-1, UCC, Freeman, Admiralty – we don’t use, since we are Nationals of the Commonwealth of Australia

Joe private 24 August 2022 24 August 2022
DFAT application form

This is the document used to send to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to have your live birth record apostilled (authenticated). Your notary may offer this service when they notarise it.

melpav 18 August 2022 18 August 2022
South Australian live birth application

This is the document used to obtain your Live Birth Record if you were born in South Australia.

melpav 18 August 2022 18 August 2022
Instructions for Live Birth Registration

This document explains the process of obtaining your Live Birth Record and why it is recommended to get it.

melpav 17 August 2022 17 August 2022
Qld Birth Registration Form

This is the document to use for your live birth record if your were born in QLD.

melpav 17 August 2022 17 August 2022

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