Victorian application for original registration of birth

Getting Your "Form of Information of Birth"’s Docs Victorian application for original registration of birth


It is interesting to note that in Victoria at least, the original record of birth documents are called different names over different years.  For example, in one family, the husband’s is different from his wife’s, and theirs are different from their 2 children (same doc title for them).  So, knowing that, on my second application, I decided to cross out everywhere that the application form said “birth certificate” and “birth registration form” and printed in blue pen:  “ a copy of the original information of birth record or form, completed by my mother or father at my birth, and which has my mother’s handwriting on it.”   I wrote a variation of this in 2 places, so it was clear what I was after.

I’ve asked several people what reason they put on the form for requesting the original birth record.  These are the answers:  for passport;  for family history;  genealogy:  I said: foreign affairs, on both my applications.      All the best.

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