First Steps to Freedom

Free men free themselves: Slave wait to be freed.

NOTE: Steeps Two, Three and Four can be done at any time and in any order.

Welcome to Commonwealth Custodians Community.

First Step

Congratulations and welcome. Just by joining the Commonwealth Custodian Community you have taken your First Step on your journey of coming out of the Corporate System. This First Step is very, very important. A march of a thousand miles begins with the first step, until that step is taken the journey dose not begin, we wish you the very best on your journey and thank you for joining us all on our journey to restore our Nation.

It is pleasing to see that you have now shown your intent and conviction to come out of the 'Counterfeit Corporate Commonwealth Society'' ('The System') and back into our 'Non-Corporate Constitutional Commonwealth of Australia' ('The Commonwealth') an 'Autonomous Community' ('The People' ).

A very Important point to remember is that 'we are known by our actions'. Your action identifies who, what and where you are. E.g., Being a National in the Commonwealth or a Citizen in the Corporate System determines whether you are Free in The Private or a Slave in The Public.

This first step and the following three are important to illustrate that you are 'Coming out of Her' (‘The System’). To be In the Private you must know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. You must understand that there is no one silver bullet to fix all problems of dealing with the Corrupt Corporate System. Even when we are 'In the Private' of The Commonwealth we still need to be able to do business in The System. To do this we must know the rules of the game and be able to navigate on their UN-Holy Sea of Commerce without being entrapped into their corporate jurisdiction representing their Artificial Public Person in their world of legal fictions. If you do not know the rules of the game you can't play the game properly. If you truly wish to be free you must learn how to be free. We have all been indoctrinated into thinking as an obedient slave and now we must turn our consciousness around and know where we Stand, our Freedoms, Liberties and Rights and how to exercise them, and where we get our Authority from and how to assert it in the right way. No one can do it for you. you alone must be the master of your own destiny. You must start taking the actions that show that you are a Free National of The Commonwealth and not a Slave Citizen of the Corporate System, those who have excised their free will and freedom of choice and chosen to "come out of her..." are adding to The Commonwealth one soul at a time, and together we will cooperate to restore our nation, one step at a time.

With each and every Soul that comes back into The Commonwealth, we are putting our positive energy into restoring our Nation to what it is meant to be, and joining others in the Autonomous Community known as The Commonwealth of Australia created by The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp.). By doing so we are taking away energy and decreasing the current Corporate Slave Society. In this first part of the journey we recommend that you read "The Compendium" (Download PDF). This book puts into perspective, joins the dots and details what we all need to know to have an overall view of The System. The following three steps can be done in any order and all at once, if you wish.

"Restoring The Commonwealth one Soul at a time"

Obtaining the Birth Information Form and Apostille

Second Step - Parts 1

The 'Birth Information Form' (referred to hereinafter as 'The Form') goes by various names and differs in each state. It has also undergone changes at different times within each state. This form is filled out by hand by your parents when you are born and is typically witnessed by the attending doctor or midwife/nurse. The Form holds significant importance as it serves as evidence of your natural-born allegiance to The Commonwealth of Australia, which establishes your standing as a national thereof and confirms that your Estate is part of The Commonwealth.

When you are born, it is traditionally understood that your father is responsible for managing your estate until you reach the age of twenty-one. At that point, the key to your estate is meant to be transferred to you. However, Your father gave this very important document over to The State and when he unknowingly failed to return to retrieve The Form he is then presumed missing and dead in their fictional realm of the Un-Holy Sea of Commerce. The State then asserts that they need to administer the infant's estate, and you are declared a ward of The State. The State assumes power of attorney over you as an individual/Human/Monster and acts as the trustee of your Legal Estate and name.

The Form is the Source Document of the Birth Certificate which incorporates ‘The Legal Name’ (‘Juristic Person and Estate’) into the Legal Fiction Realm of the Roman Cult Corporate System (The System) known as The Westphalian System or Globist System which is a Counterfeit Corporate Copy of The Original Nation created Legal fiction la la land (a creation of the mind only).

The Birth Information Form is held at Birth Deaths and Marriages in the State where you were born.

Points To Do:
1) Find out what the Form is now called in the State you were born at and get Form.
2) Fill out the Form and require a Certified Copy (You will never get the original and need it to be Certified).
3) You can get it by going into B.D.&.M. or do it online and have it posted out to you.
4) Once you have the Document do Step 2 - Getting a Copy of The Birth Information Form Apostilled.

Note: They do not like giving it out and will most of the time try to confuse the issue and try to give you a Birth Certificate. It is said that the mother requesting The Form works well, If they are making it hard for you, this may be an option.

Click on the State where you were born for more information.

When you receive the Certified Form - then proceed to Part 2 (Below)

Getting a Copy of The Birth Information Form Apostilled

Second Step - Parts 2

The 'Birth Information Form' Part 2 involves getting a Copy of The Form Apostilled. Apostilling The Document puts it onto the Corporate Public Record, this action shows them that you are the holder of The Source Document and therefore now cannot be presumed to be missing or dead, and have every right to administer your own affairs in all regards. This along with the other steeps indicates to them that you are in The Commonwealth (Land of the Living) and not on their Citizenship on Sea of Commerce in their world of dead fictions.

Once you receive the Certified Form, take a photocopy of the Document, you can tidy up any marks on it and square it up etc. to make it look good, then print a Copy of it on good quality paper (Cotton Preferably), The paper should be an Imperial size (eg. Letter Size 8’’1/2’’ x 11’’) close to the size of the Document.

Then you take Both the original Certified Copy of The Form you get from B.D.&.M. and The Copy you made, to one of their Public Notaries, and get them to Certify The Copy as being a True copy of the original.

After you have had it Notarised, then it is ready to be Apostilled at the ‘Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’, you can take it into the office or mail it in and have it returned by Mail (see States above for more details). You will be asked, where do you want it for? State for the ‘British Commonwealth’.

Points To Do:
Find out what the Form is now called in the State you were born at and get Form.
Fill out the Form and require a Certified Copy (You will never get the original and need it to be Certified).
You can get it by going into B.D.&.M. or do it online and have it posted out to you.
Once you have the Document do Step 2 - Getting The Birth Information Form Apostilled.

Note: They do not like giving it out and will most of the time try to confuse the issue and try to give you a Birth Certificate. It is said that the mother requesting The Form works well, If they are making it hard for you, this may be an option.

Point To Do:
1) Take a photocopy of the Certified Document you receive back for B.D.&.M.
2) If you wish, you can remove any marks, e.g.. photocopier black marks etc., and squire it up if need be.
3) Print it onto a good quality Imperial size (e.g.. letter size - 8’’1/2’’ x 11’’ = A4) paper (cotton preferably).
4) Take Both the Certified Copy from B.D.&.M and the Copy you made to a Public Notary.
5) Tell the Notary you want them to Certify The Copy as a True Copy of the original you received from B.D.&.M.
6) Then get the Notarised Copy Apostilled at D.F.A.T (Passport Office) for the British Commonwealth.

Unincorporating and Buying The Name

Third Step - Parts 1

This Third Step has Two Parts. The First Part of this process involves changing the Structure of the Incorporated 'Artificial Public Person/Stawman' which is the Incorporated NAME a LEGAL PERSON a Legal Fiction Entity created by the Birth Certificate, into an unincorporated common law entity (Natural Private Person), we do this by first getting an AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS NUMBER (A.B.N.). By changing the structure of The Name you take it out of the Corporate System Legal la la land and back to the Common Law of The Commonwealth.

Third Step - Parts 2

Part 2 of unincorporating involves buying The Name. The Name was created by them by way of the Birth Certificate, therefore; they own The Name, in which case we now have to buy it from them, so that they have no right to use it any longer, you buy The Name from the AUSTRALIAN SECURITIES AND INVESTMENT COMMISSION (A.S.I.C.)

Click the Button Below, which will take you to a page where the process of unincorporating The Name is explained and videos and PowerPoints on how to do Part 1 and 2.


Affirmation of Allegiance

Fourth Step

The Fourth Step is one of the most important. We are all born into our nation, which for us is The Commonwealth of Australia. You cannot be born into a corporation. That is why they need to incorporate us into their system by using the Artificial Public Person, which is a Juristic Person designed to deceive us into unknowingly consenting to their jurisdiction. Their world is run on presumption and assumption, and we are known by our actions. If we are in their world/sandpit using their bucket (laws) and spade (politics), then they see that you are playing with their creation/toys and they will presume that you are in their sandpit voluntarily and assume you are acting in the role of a Debt Slave (voluntary servitude). All these Steps are tools to break their presumptions, but this one may be the most important, as it indicates to them that you are a National of The Commonwealth and not in their Sandpit as an AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN.

The Allegiance is recorded in "The Commonwealth Office of Record", a Corporation Sole Office which is under Common Law and an Act of Parliament (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imperial)). These Officers are not of the Corporate System; however, The Office must be recognised by them. The recorded Allegiance is recognition of you coming out of their World and returning to The Commonwealth, and is the start of what you want recorded as being in The Commonwealth, such as your Real Property in Fee Simple, Private Trusts that are not in their World, your Offspring with a Natural Born Allegiance, Common Law marriages that are not civil contacts enslaving your offspring to The State, Credentials that prove who and what you real are, etc.

The Importance of the Allegiance, Commonwealth Offices and other details, will be explained on the "Allegiance" page. Click below…