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Unincorporate ”The Name”

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    This is Part Two – Buy THE NAME off A.S.I.C.

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    • Hi Keith, Maybe a dumb questions but it seems common one. The Video says don’t tick that we have a business. I already have an ASIC account and a business (pty ltd) and business names registered in ASIC. So is it ok to use this account as it is and just add another business name or should I create a new account? This current one is n my ‘person’s…Read More

      • The idea is to separate ‘The Man’ (living from ‘The PERSON’ (Dead) using the same account does not do this.. it just continues the fraud…

    • Hello Keith. Quick question. When I fill out the individual representative details. in the family name section. do I put my last name or do I put private?

    • Has anyone been through the process of unincorporating their name, when it was similar to one that already exists on ASIC, that can guide me through the process?

    • I asked this question previously but it appears to have gone missing: At 1:42 the video says “You only need to buy the name once. No need to pay yearly.” Can @admin-keith or anyone else who knows please explain why renewing the name isn’t necessary? Thanks in advance.

      • You only have to buy the name off them, you don’t have to rent it…

        • Thanks for the reply, Keith. Could you please explain what prevents them from taking the name back after the first year if I don’t continue payments?

          • How are they going to take The Name back? say that you are not allowed to use it?

            • I guess I misunderstand the purpose of registering The Name in the first place. I thought it was to prevent them from using it? If so, then what stops them after the first year? If not, could you please explain the purpose of registering The Name?

            • It is the name that was gifted to you the Man-Living Soul, by your parents when born, to be called by, and is your “doing Business as Name” the Name that you execute contract as under common law, They (The State) created a Legal Entity (Birth Certificate) by bastardising the Proper Noun Name ( “…draw you before the judgment seats? 7 Do not they…Read More

    • @admin-keith So in the ASIC part. On behalf of my daughter, would I log in to my ASIC account and purchase this name or create a new account? I feel I should be doing it in my account. Thanks. Sorry for asking so many questions.

      • In your account…

        • Hi Keith, I am unincorporating my daughters name and just to be sure, I am at the last section in ‘Privacy’ and under the ‘OR I declare that:’ section and before I hit submit. Do I enter my Christian name or hers in here? The reason I ask is, aren’t I her executor for contracts until she reaches legal age of 18, and shouldn’t it be my name in there?

    • Very Good, Melysa, maybe you should write a book…

    • I’m a little confused as to what un-incorporating the name does. Do we un-incorporate our maidem name or married name? Does this give us an ABN number so we can do business? Can we transfer all our registered assets into a private trust account to protect them from being taken? I thought once you had an ABN number, you cant transfer your assets…Read More

      • You will have to do both Names, you claim your estate next with the Testament to Will – then put the Name and Estate into trust – Testament to Will you will find in the “Office of Executor” Group…

      • Yes, you execute contracts for her… so use The Name by which you are called by…

    • I didn’t have to pay anything to ASIC Is this because I already have an account with ASIC?

    • I click the asic connect button but no but no sign up is there

    • managed to sign up now I cannot sign in its f,,,kn driving me over the edge

    • finally got it done…. yeha

    • Hi Keith, my wife is trying to unincorporate her name she has a few questions. 1. Business name does she use her birth name, upper and lower case. 2. When unincorporating her maiden name does she create a new ABN from her unincorporated married name and run 2 separate ABNs. Then create a business name in her maiden name aswell. At the end she…Read More

    • All done. Yippee…🙂

    • For anyone not sure what to put for the representative name at 2:00 in part2, this is the way most seem to have gone. Hope this helps for anyone not sure which titles they aught to be putting in these boxes. Cheers! (:

    • I’m going to unincorporate my name with video 1 now and I do have a tax file no do I add it in?

      • No, don’t put it in where it asks you if you have one, the Legal Person has one, but not you…

    • what time the meeting at the risk today

    • Risking asking possible the stupidest question ever, Is ‘Proposed Business Name’ at 1.33, their legal fiction name or my God given, known by name?

      • It is the Name that you wish to Unincorporate eg. your Birth Certificate NAME, Deed Pole NAME, Married Name… Your name as a Proper Noun is proper English which is your common law “Doing Business as” Name and is fine to use, any Bastardisation of that name is Incorporated into the Corporate World…. of Dead Legal Fictions.

  • “Unincorporating THE NAME”
    This is PART ONE – Getting an ABN for THE NAME

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    • at 1:55 you click “yes” to being a Aus resident for tax purposes – isn’t a ‘resident’ a creature-of-statue, or at the very least the property of a trust. Doesn’t this make you registered property of corporate Australia?

      • No – The “Resident for tax purposes” is the one that gives its T.F.N. later on and is the one that is about to be unincorporated, When you buy The Name in the next part (Part two – Buying THE NAME), A.S.I.C. sends you a letter saying that it is then registered to the proper noun Name – Not to A.S.I.C or any other Government agent…

        • Thanks! I’ve watched both videos now. What next? I found the Compendium (in the Documents library) and have downloaded that, so I guess things will become clearer once I’ve read that? Do we surrender the Crown birth certificate back and move forward using the newly formed unincorporated Entity as our transmitting utility? I’ll get reading…

          • Look in the Group “Office of Executor” and “How to write Notices and Documents”

            • Thanks. I’ve been distracted with learning about UCC and filing of UCC 1 Financing Statements. Is that relevant in Australia? It appears that one can copyright (in common-law) their trademark (legal name) and become the “secured party” for same via a private agreement between the creditor (the Living sui juris Man) and the DEBTOR…Read More

          • The UCC is in their world – if you play with their toys you are in their sand box and therefore must play by their rules….

    • Why when putting our legal name at 2:08 why do we not put all caps? Isn’t the legal surname in all caps, and we’re trying to unincorporate that?

    • Do I unincorporate Christian and surname? And is my preferred name both Christian and surname? Blessings and thank you

    • Hi Keith, Have just joined CC and have watched both videos, is the this process for apply for an abn the same for those applying from NZ as wouldnt one need to put an NZ address in ?

    • Hi Keith, I don’t have an address, I live in my coaster bus and move around. Hopefully I will have an address one day but what will I do till then.

    • Hi Keith
      I used my last name when I done the first part with the ABN.
      I called ABR to change the Authorized person to Private.

      Will this be okay even though the declaration at the end was submitted in the family name?

      My question is can I continue with ASIC or not?


      p.s I did try post twice before but they didn’t show up, hopefully…Read More

    • 3:55. @admin-keith so in the Associated Individual details do I put all my details Name, DoB and TFN?

    • I have now been through process to un-incorporate my name. I already had an ABN in my full caps name which I used as a sole trader. When I followed the process outlined in Keith’s video, I put in my existing ABN number and filled in all the rest of the information as explained. I was expecting to get a new number that replaced the old one, but n…Read More

      • Near the end of getting the A.B.N. did you select “Change of Business Structure” ?

        • Thank you, Keith. I don’t remember seeing that. is that where I went wrong?

          • I’ve just looked back at the video. I’m pretty sure I did do that.

            • Just keep using the “Sole Trader” for the moment, till you Claim your Estate etc. – as long as The Name is Unincorporated that is fine…

            • Having just listened to Thursday’s zoom meeting, Keith mentions that the registered business name with ASIC is in capitals, and registered to the proper caps name. On the instructional video, which I followed, it does not say to put in the name in capital letters when registering with ASIC. The name on the video is blocked out, although the first…Read More

            • It dose not matter how you write The Name, the only thing that matters is that it says that it is unincorporate…

    • Hi this happened after my application what dose it mean? Do I try the application again?

    • Only if it is still active, check on “ABN LOOKUP” – if it is still active, use the ABN – if NOT, then don’t use it…

      Kind regards,

    • HHHmmm, Don’t know..

    • This step is done thank you 🙂

      • Congratulations Sanson…

        • Appreciation Keith, for my young I feel I go directly to part 2, tried to find answer in comments before asking here, please direct me otherwise? Also, if a young is not registered no b/c, not in there system, what remedy would you mentor here?

          • You do it exactly the same way, but unincorporate their Name instead of your Name, get the ABN for their name and then buy it ASIC – exactly the same, use your name, DOB and TFN etc. … “no BC” – I would still do the unincorporating of the Name as it will in their system somewhere (Constructive Trusts, contracts, presumption etc)…

    • Has anyone had this issue?

  • Unincorporate THE NAME – Parts 1 and 2 in one video…

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  • You can unincorporated THE NAME and get your “Form of Information of Birth”, but, before you move on from there you need to Read “THE COMPENDIUM” to know the foundation of what it is that you are doing …

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  • Welcome My Friends and I do mean My Friends
    (for we are friends and not foe, being one people and one Nation under Almighty God)

    Welcome my friends, to the ““Commonwealth Custodians” Community”” (C.C.C.), This website is in its infant stage, it has been designed to do several things, first is to “… , Come out of her, …” as it stat…Read More

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  • This is the first video of how to un-incorporate your “The Name”, a Legal Entity created by the Birth Certificate, The Name is the name of the Legal Estate, if you change The Name by Deed poll then it is the name of the Estate that changes.

    The first step is to get an Australian Business Number (A.B.N.) for an un-incorporated entity. It is…Read More

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    • I had to call them to get my log in to work, their site is rubbish

    • I have my certified copy of born details, but the sneaky buggers laid one doc over my parents signatures, is this an issue? I have another application in for signatures to be shown but no joy yet, also watched your video, could I apply for the original born detail documents be returned as my father created them

      • If they made an error no your document make then correct it, you paid them for something and it must be prived to you without defects, as for getting the original they do not own it, you do and it is your right to have the original, why would they want the original? unless it has value, I would write to the man/woman who is in charge of B.D. & M…Read More

    • The Doc is free they cannot charge you for it, they do not own it, they charge you for the certification of it… well that’s what they charge me, nothing for the doc and $50 for it to be certified…

  • These are the basic steps I believe is best to “come out of her”

    Step 1. Join the site – this is evidence that your “Natural Born Allegiance” is to The Commonwealth – we are known by our actions – They presume and assume that your allegiance is to them until stated otherwise…

    Step 2. Get your “Form of information of Birth” this is what is…Read More

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    • I’m at step 4, how do I claim the estate?

      • Hi Peter,
        Have you read “The Compendium” and comprehend it? I have to do all the documents in a way that people will be able to understand them, it is not just doing the paperwork that makes you the executor of your estate, you have to know how to function in the office properly… one, for instance, is how you communicate with the DEAD Corporate…Read More

        • HI Keith, This is what I found on the NZ website, I messaged Dawn, to help with this. I found this they are putting up, because I heard from others what they are doing to stop this in NZ.

          • False claims about birth certificates:

            There have been online claims about birth certificates that are not true. New Zealand birth certificates:

            are not linked to bonds or financial institutions
            only have reference numbers on the back of them for internal use by the Department of Internal Affairs – these are not shared with other agencies
            cannot…Read More

    • Birth certificates and source documents
      Birth Registrations
      Under the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995 (Act) every birth in
      New Zealand is to be registered with the exception of miscarriages. That means all live-births and
      still-births must be registered, but that miscarriages cannot be registered. The definitions…Read More

      • “Source documents (for example, birth notices) relating to birth, death and marriage registrations are held by the Department of Internal Affairs (Department). A person who applies under section 74 of the Act may obtain a copy of the source document. Section 75 of the Act (as referred to by section
        74) provides the strict conditions under which a…Read More

    • Do we have to get our form of information birth or birth certificate or can we skip that step? And once we unincorporate the name do we no longer have access to Centrelink as I will be stood down end of this coming week, and or all other government things like do we still have to do taxes and we can or can’t get work at normal places without being…Read More

      • Hi Travis,

        You don’t have to do it in any order, Centrelink (Government) is not going to admit you have unincorporated and through you off anything, when you un-incorporate they give you a new TFN for the unincorporated entity (The Name) don’t use this name, use the old incorporated entity and you should be fine.
        We will be occupying offices…Read More

    • I am making a video at the moment about how to Unincorporated The Name -the first part about getting the ABN should be ready today if not tomorrow.. I am still rebuilding the website after being hacked – if you think you can do better go and do it yourself – I can only do what is possible – all the information will be on here when I can do it –…Read More

      • You are doing a mamoth job now Keith. Thank you . I am a newbie – watch the videos , make notes, restch videos! 🙂

    • I was born on Norfolk Island and I asked my mum to get my Notice of birth, but its seems the Australian Government upon taking the island over in 2016 has removed all medical records into storage on the mainland!! Un accessible!!!

      • HHHmm yeah, that could be interesting to see where that is now…

        • Hello Keith, thank you for this video. Could I please ask for a bit more info? Im on the gov website application to apply for unincorporated abn… there are 3 sections I do have confusion with. My first question is the for the section ‘contact details’ (authorised contact). I see in your video tutorial you have word ‘private’ written as the…Read More

          • 1. Contact details use private, 2. Associates is THE NAME/PERSON that has the TFN. 3 yes use private there as well… your welcome have a great day..

            • 1. thank you / 3. thank you / 2. confirming I do complete this section, not leave it blank all together . I add the ‘me’ who has tfn since I was 18. so sorry keith. I know you’re busy.

          • Hey Shen, was your ABN application successful and is your actual surname on the application or is it written as private? Thanks.

            • The Name you are unincorporating is the full name on your B.C., where you use the private name is just for Contacts, mailing address ect. where it asks for the TFN you put the LEGAL NAME that has that TFN…

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