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Everything’s backwards in the other world.

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      To any of the public citizenship, one would think the most popular or common operating system is either Microsoft, Android, or Apple, right?. Well, yes; but only in the minds of a major demographic of people, if we talk about what the masses knowingly interact with the most, and take the Dead World perspective. But all three, together even, are a mere drop in the ocean of the reality around which our world is based. In the real world, the living world; Unix and Linux are so overwhelmingly dominant that the other “mainstream” systems are a heel that the ‘organic’ (or open ever freely changing responsive living) digital world has to try to be ‘compatible’ with the corporate overlays and mess. It really is like Digital Legalese!? Lol . The vast majority of our “stuff” (that are not a desktop computer) uses Linux in one form or another, just at a level the hu-man never really sees. Even windows is trying to infiltrate Linux (WinLux or some cr@p) as their backwards empire continues to collapse. It is almost a comedy that others aren’t getting to watch! Lol

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