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Corporate Tech Separation

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It seemed like such a Beautiful Relationship. Until Fraud and bringing one into the Incorporated Metaverse comes along …. how can we do Technology in the Private?

This Group basically aims at sharing what we are each doing to work towards Unincorporating the Tech!. Also anyone seeking some assistance in learning new or different ways of doing things, there will be people in here able to offer some assistance or tips. A good place to put helpful links on the topics.

What it really means by all appearances is Goodbye Billy Goates, Apple Stroodle, and Androids … Hello to the Linux Base.

Redirecting the currency going to FaceTube and TwitterGram, and what various ‘App’ forms can mean… transitioning to the less corporate internet tools and platforms. We can also get into things to do for helping with MyGovCO online accounts and these types of issues. Digital ID’s etc. and any ‘Internet’ or Technology related problems.

Tech certainly seems to have its Own Two Worlds going on.