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  • Use this Testament to Will if you have No Kids… Use the other one Posted here if you do have them..

    Testament to Will by P...ersion (no family).docx
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    This is an improved version of what I filed into court, when I was recognised as the Living Man and Executor of my and my daughter’s Estates… it is about Claiming your Estate and Rights and the terms and condition by which you execute Contacts by… Do not send it to anyone,…Read More

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    This is what we used for traveling on The Queens Roads (Not the STATES), Signed the Licence, both the form and what would be put on the Licence, as e.g. V.C. By: Keith, executor.

    Vi coactus
    Vi Coactus (V.C.) is a Latin term meaning “having been forced” or “having been compelled”. In Latin, cōgō means “I compel” or “I force”. The passive p…Read More

    Notice VC to RMS .docx
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  • Hi everyone,
    After unincorporating The Name time to start looking at occupying the office of Executor or executor of contracts for The Person (Dead – LEGAL FICTION – No life force – Imaginary or spiritually dead), this is the office that deals with the deceased/dead and the Estate, we the people are all presumed dead and lost on the [Un]h…Read More

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    • Adriano did you see Dawns latest vid? Keith explains that some business cant operate as sole professionals for reason being linked to the corporate fiction of government. check it out and see if it is helpful

    • I put the Executor Notice (updated) in the Group “Office of Executor”…

    • Could have done with you 3 weeks ago Keith

    • Hi Keith, i was curious of the outcome of your case (if its not too personal to ask) did the judge dismiss your case acting like he had the authority to do so even though he didnt or did he make a judgent anyway. Good to know hatt wording has worked and what weasle words judges use in documents (ie. I saw all his his waffle in their about what…Read More

      • And i dont mean specific outcome i mean did he make judgement or did he realise he had no standing

        • There was no orders made to me to do anything, She only made orders to my ex-wife, about what she had to do, I did not pay one cent at any time… and was not ordered to pay or do anything… they sent me a copy of the orders with the “With Compliments” because it was not orders to me…

          • Amazing! Thank you Loving all your work for assisting us with freedom

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  • “Her Majesty The Queen”…… is this now His Majesty The King?

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