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Affirmation of Allegiance

The Affirmation of Allegiance document and the instructions to complete it. N.B. It is not compulsory unless you are taking a Caretaker/Polling etc. role to have Keith seal your Affirmation, however administration will need a copy for the records.  Contact your State Manager or electorate representative regarding where to send/photograph/scan of your completed Affirmation. If mailing off to Keith for sealing, to expedite the process of mailing individual Affirmations to Keith for Commonwealth Seal.  I recommend just using a regular Australia post envelope with a tracking number. The International stamp option is not completely necessary and appears to slow the process down. Cotton paper is not compulsory either, but the imperial paper size needs to be 8.5 inches x 11 inches.  A4 size can be trimmed to meet this requirement. If you don’t have a printer or can’t access 100% cotton paper  or simply would prefer to have the document and instructions mailed to you, I can offer this service as Keith offers for $20 plus postage. Please message me.

melpav 18 August 2022 20 October 2022
Instructions for unincorporating your name

This document includes step by step written instructions for completing the unincorporating  process online. Included is the Australian Business Register (ABR) steps and then the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) steps.

melpav 20 August 2022 14 October 2022
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

We know this is in their world, however we have rights under their Charter.

melpav 14 October 2022 14 October 2022
Glen Floyd Documents

  Documents complied by Glen Floyd.

melpav 13 October 2022 13 October 2022
12 Presumptions of Law

This document can be filled out and given to any entity that you are having “dealings” with.  

melpav 13 October 2022 13 October 2022
Example of Council Rates letter

This document is an example of what could be mailed to your local council office. You may choose to request one or all the documentation that is mentioned in this letter. There are many points to consider so it will depend on each personal choice as to what you include in your document. The red thumb print represents the living man/woman. You address the envelope as you have done so within the document. To the CEO. Personally I think if people have a number of residents in the same area that are wanting to fight against paying council rates, it would be fantastic to coordinate so all the letters arrive on the same day. Just for fun!!!! Councils are not going to just “roll over” and admit that their business is illegal.  You can imagine the flood gates that would open if word was to get around that people no longer need to pay council accounts.  The correspondence between you and your councils are laying the ground work (paper trail) to eventually over turn them. It is recommended to attach an affidavit with references to successful High Court Constitutional wins.  eg: Huddart Packer Pty Ltd verses Moorehead 1909. Google the case and make your own references regarding the significance of the information, ruling and the precedent it has set. Good luck and feel free to post in this group any information you would like to share.  

melpav 14 September 2022 12 October 2022
sample letter NSW Roads

This is a sample of a letter Keith Charles wrote in regards to signing under duress to being able to continue to use the roads within “their” system.  

melpav 30 September 2022 30 September 2022
Weiss Trust

This document references the operation of a Trust. The Youtube links provide a spoken version of the document along with some helpful information throughout. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

melpav 21 September 2022 21 September 2022
Weiss Trust

This document is a reference to how a Trust can operate.  

melpav 21 September 2022 21 September 2022

After searching the web for an Australian Affidavit Form. I have constructed this document from general information and it can be adapted for your information. I have also attached a document that defines the difference between a Statutory Declaration and an Affidavit for your information.    

melpav 13 September 2022 14 September 2022

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