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Getting Started and Discord

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  • To Message me for assistance or for sending in a question, find my profile under ‘Members’, click the ‘Message’ button, send the direct message. Cheers!

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  • To improve how things flow, and to add functionality, I decided I could put General Questions people want to raise in Zoom Meetings, the Discord Zoom Thread, as a Bulletin Board style post. Clean slate twice a week. Some have trouble with the tech or the Mic, or rely on asking questions in the chat where sometimes they get missed.

    Direct…Read More

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  • Short video with the basic steps for authorising the private Custodians server.

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    • Good day Raymond. I have authorised the discord plug in, but the Com Custodians discord group is not showing. It still says ‘connect’ in my profile.

      • Is that not a browser Page? … what do you mean by “authorised the discord plug in”? . . Best is to have a tab open on a Browser on a desktop or laptop with discord logged in ready, then authenticate from on another tab in the same browser. A “plug-in” for authentication may cause problems. I will always need to have a go at trying to pinpoi…Read More

        • Excellent, thank you. I am not sure why I wrote plug in. Probably because it was late at night and I wasn’t thinking. I meant that I had connected on the page with discord open, and pressed authorise. I tried it with the open discord and closing and re opening. All of my other discord groups seem to appear automatically when I join them.…Read More

          • So you found the “Authorise” button in the profile menu, here in, and clicked that and followed the directions? . You have to do that on just once the first time, after that you can use the Discord button in the main tabs, or just open discord yourself.

      • Also I’m meant to be putting together a better video… :3

        • The video was no worries. I think there must be a problem on my end. I have connected via the profile link, it just isn’t showing.

          • Okay, thank you! … I’ll sort out a manual link which should sort things out for you. Did you already have a discord account with active servers on it? … or was this a New discord account?

  • For anyone on here for the first time, discord is a great resource we can use for communicating. It is also where the Zoom Meeting recordings are archived, they are a fantastic learning resource of lived experiences and answers. One of the first steps in my view would be to connect with Custodians private server. There are people here…Read More

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    This is a good basic overview for anyone starting out and not sure of what next. This is Dawns 13 step info guide. (:

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    • Hi, @razorsedge I wonder if you could assist in the above comprehension for me. I have unincorporated myself. I have downloaded the testament to will but when I read through it there was a paragraph that says to re-write this document to make it my own and not to give it to anyone. I do not fully grasp how I am to rewrite it and make it my own,…Read More

      • I’ll give it a go, although I am learning these things too. The TtW is something you need to understand, and agree with. If there is anything in there you don’t understand, well, learn what it means (or remove if you don’t agree). Also you have to replace all of the PERSONal info in there so that it is Yours not someone else’s Person. . Claiming…Read More

        • Thank Raymond, I really appreciate the info.
          I have downloaded the Compendium and am wading my way through it. I will sit with my partner and go through these 13 points along with what you’ve helped us with and go through it step by step.
          I have joined a few groups, not sure if I have joined the Trustee Group so will go ahead and link in…Read More

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  • Hi after clicking the authorise discord tab and then clicking Discord consistantly get this page, any help appreciated

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