Lawfully, Rightfully and Peacefully,
Reclaim and Restore The Commonwealth of Australia

Affirmation of Allegiance

Leave no room for any false assumption or presumption, by any bad actors of the foreign Belligerent Corporate State, that your Allegiance is them and that you are not a National of The Commonwealth of Australia and one of The People of The Commonwealth, where the absolute supreme authority is vested.

Sealing and Recording of Affirmation of Allegiance

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Printed Affirmation of Allegiance

Affirmation Printed on 100% Cotton Paper

I have had some people ask about the “Affirmation of Allegiance”, in concern to it being a oath and that the Bible says not to swear oaths and let your yea be your yea and your nay be your nay etc. and also about revoking other oath’s like the Magna Carta etc. This was my answer to these question so everyone is clear about the Affirmation… Firstly, It is not an oath, it is an Affirmation, and this is what I do, as you say, in the Bible it says not to do oaths and in Matthew 5:37 “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” K.J.V., if you look in The Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 (Imp.) (On the last page) you will see there is an Oath or an Affirmation you can take, the oath requires that you hold a K.J.V. Bible in your hand while you take the Oath, The Affirmation is affirming your truth, it is saying this is my yes to this statement.. Secondly; It says “I revoke by annulment any other affirmation, oath, contract, pledge, vow and allegiance, entered into knowingly or unknowingly, that may conflict with this devout undertaking now made here; and” It only revoke that which is in conflict with it, God, K.J.V., English Common law, Imperial Law (Magna Carta), Equity, Natural Law etc. do not conflict with it, it would only be Roman/Babylonian law used by the Corporate that is in conflict with it… and a lot of people have unknowingly entered into these things (Silent Contracts – Presumption)- that is why it is there…

Help/Support with Affirmation of Allegiance: record@commonwealthcustodians.org

In 1973 Gough Whitham Proclaimed:


Whereas, We “The People” of The Commonwealth, an Autonomous Community, each having a Natural Born Allegiance thereto, agreed to form an indissoluble Federal Commonwealth, by way of “The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp.), Gazetted on the first day of the first month nineteen hundred and one.

NOTE: A Commonwealth; is where the Absolute and Supreme Authority is vested in The People…

The year of 1973 was when Gough Whitham claimed “IT’S TIME”; this was the TIME when The Commonwealth of Australia was infiltrated and taken over by stealth, and a Counterfeit Corporate Lookalike known as “AUSTRALIA” was installed by deceit. This Counterfeit lookalike is a “Belligerent Sovereign State”/“Nation-State” (Legal Fiction – Corporation) and is a product of the Westphalian System, which is now referred to as Globalism, and this SYSTEM’S aim is to have a One World Government which is referred to as the “NEW WORLD ORDER” where the people will own nothing.

Note: Only these Counterfeit Corporate “Nation-States” (“Legal Fictions”), that have been installed around the world by stealth over the original Country, can be Members of the United Nations, not the original organic “Nations” that are comprised of living People, such as a Commonwealth or a Republic.

And as a result of this fraud, The People have become Debt Slaves to the owners of these Corporate Foreign Entities and controlled by corrupt Corporate Political Party Franchises of the UN…

Note: Kim Beasley made a statement in 1990 in the “Australian Federal Parliament” (“Corporate Lookalike”) – it should be as under the Constitution “The Parliament of The Commonwealth” NOT THE “AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT”. He Stated: “The United Nations has given the Federal Government a mandate of ownership for housing, farms, property and business to government control once the REPUBLIC has been proclaimed.”

You must ask yourself… how safe is your land, if the UN can dictate who will own what?

If The People of this Nation do not wake up and do something about this they will lose everything… Below there are two Books that are undeniable evidence of this hostile corporate takeover of The Commonwealth. One is The Compendium by Keith-charles and the other is Dick Yardley’s 420 page Book – “Australian Political Treason, Treachery and Sabotage… that shows the Treachery that has take place, that has all been done by deceit…

Note: Anything done by Deceit (Fraud) is Null and Void from the beginning…

IT’S TIME now to Reclaim and Restore what has been taken from The People of The Commonwealth and what is rightly ours to reclaim.

Lawfully, Rightfully and Peacefully…

Not My Circus

Not My Circus!!!

Where we are at, at the moment, is the first stage of the restoration of the Original “Parliament of The Commonwealth” as per The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp.), by filling the abandoned Seats of Both the Upper and Lower House with Caretakes until we can have an Election as it is meant to be under The Constitution and not in the fake corrupt Corporate Election. There are to be no political parts in the Non-Corporate Election, the representatives will only do the bidding of their electorate. It will not be a corrupt political party system that are franchises of the United Nations’ agenda of Globalism…

Decree to Reclaim and Restore - The Commonwealth

This Decree to reclaim all Non-Corporate Commonwealth Offices, was sent to well over three thousand Military and Government Offices, without any refute therefrom, "He who does not Deny, Admits", and "Silence is Acquiescence".

We have reclaimed The Original Offices of the The Commonwealth that were abandoned by the Politicians when they moved into the Corporate Counterfeit Lookalike Offices. The Constitutional Parliament is The “Parliament of The Commonwealth” –  The Corporate Lookalike is the now the “AUSTRALIAN PARLAMENT”, they have done the same in every Office of Government – simply by changing its Name slightly into a counterfeit lookalike and then making the people believe that it is the real one – while the original Offices with Authority made by the Constitution were abandoned and left vacant until now, as we have reclaimed these Offices and are now restoring them Lawfully, Rightfully and Peacefully.

We do not want their Corporate Fraudulent Lookalike Offices; we are just claiming back the Original Office of The Commonwealth and restoring what is rightfully ours.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister - Dr. Mahathir

Talks about Globalisation and the agender for a One World Government - NEW WORLD ORDER

Commonwealth Custodians is a 'Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entity' - apolitical - non-Governmental and is a part of The Commonwealth of Australia, all members have a natural Born and/or Pledged Allegiance to The Commonwealth and all Officials are required to affirm an oath of office that is in accordance with The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (Imp.) 1900.