First Steps to Freedom

Free men free themselves: Slave wait to be freed.

Unincorporating and Buying The Name

Fourth Step - Part One.

Firstly, Why Un-Incorporate The Name?

When we are born, our parents gifted us a name (The Name) to be called by, to be known as, and to execute contracts by, etc. We all must have a name, so people know who it is that they are talking about. Your name styled as a proper noun, e.g., "John James Doe", under common law is your Natural Private Person (Moral Person) or is your Trading Name or Doing Business as Name (Trading or Contracting as John James Doe).

What the Arctictis of the Roman Cult Corporate System (The System) have done is create a counterfeit copy of your common law Moral Person and made a Legal Entity, Artificial Public Person or Corporation (The Legal Name) that incorporates The Name into their World of Legal Fictions. The bastardised NAME (Capitalised) on the Birth Certificate is an Incorporated Legal Entity in The System.

By unincorporating The Name, we are changing the Business Structure of the incorporated Legal Name (Corporation) in The System, into a unincorporated Trading Name in The Commonwealth.

To do the first part " Unincorporate The Name" watch the Video (below), which will show you where to go ( and follow how to fill out the form, there is a Power point (Below) you can print out and follow as well... this part is to change the Business Structure of The Name and get an unincorporated A.B.N.. By getting the A.B.N. they can then see that The Name is now Unincorporated from their System.

Note: To comprehend The System and Legal Fictions (CORPORATES - PERSONS) see “The Two Worlds” and Legal Fictions – Corporate Persons. (NOTE: THESE PAGE ARE STILL TO BE MADE – COMING SOON).

What Information you will need:

The Name you wish to Unincorporate.
This is The LEGAL NAME on the Birth Certificate.
Note: If you have Changed The Name by Deed Poll, you should do the Deed Poll Name as well. (You can only do one name at a time)

Women who have been married, and have your ID or own Property in the Marred Name, should also unincorporate those Names. (You can only do one name at a time)

If You wish to Unincorporate The Name of your Offspring (Under 18). The Farther should do it (if possible).
Do it exactly the same as how you did it for yourself; EXCEPT, put their Name in where it asks for “The name of the other unincorporated entity”; and
If they have a T.F.N.: Use The Legal Name, D.O.B. and T.F.N. that belongs to their Corporate Entity, (AT: "Add associate details").

The Legal Name’s: (AT: "Add associate details")
The Legal Name, Date of Birth and Tax File Number.

A Street Address:
You must provide a Street Address, however, you do have the option to enter a mailing address as well.

Soul Trader:
If you have a current A.B.N. for The Legal Name as a Sole Trader (Incorporated Entity) you can change its Business Structure by putting in the A.B.N.. (Do not put any other A.B.N if it is not for The Legal Name being unincorporated)

Unincorporate The Name
Part One


Unincorporate The Name
Part One