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    1 year, 12 months ago

    This is the first video of how to un-incorporate your “The Name”, a Legal Entity created by the Birth Certificate, The Name is the name of the Legal Estate, if you change The Name by Deed poll then it is the name of the Estate that changes.

    The first step is to get an Australian Business Number (A.B.N.) for an un-incorporated entity. It is a universal law that “He who creates owns and controls” The Creator – created the cosmos, therefore, He is the only one that has authority over what he created – namely man and the cosmos, about the only thing man can create is creations of the mind – except for maybe a hole if a man digs a hole, who owns it? The man that created it and therefore he is also responsible for it, he must make sure that no one falls in it and no harm or damage is done.

    As Satan and his minions, could not create anything of substance, that they could control, they had to create a world of fiction that they could own and control, everything in their world is a legal fiction, Corporations – Governments – Organisations all legal fiction you and not Taste, Touch, smell, hear or see a ‘Government’ it has no substance and no life force it is a DEAD LEGAL FICTION, and their law is all written for the PERSON another Legal fictional entity and their money is fiat, just numbers on a screen with no value. The incorporated Person is an individual (a personality – character) whereas we are a tripartite being made up of Body, mind and soul… an association which is unincorporated..

    Then because they created “The Name” when your Farther, who is meant to look after your estate till you are twenty-one (when you get the key to your estate), gave them your “Form of Information of Birth” and did not come back to get it in equitable time (72 hours), he (your father) was then presumed dead and lost on the [un]holy see of commerce, and you are made a ward of the STATE, and that they are your Guardians and Trustees with ‘Power of Guardian and Attorney over the “YOU” (The Body = Debter) and your Estate, which is then public and not private and as such claim t usufruct of under fictitious form of martial law (corporations cannot declare war).

    So they created Legal Name; “SURNAME, Given Names” which is the ”Estate Name” Identifier; So, therefore, they own The Name, to own it, we must buy it off them… next video is buying “The Name”.

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    • I had to call them to get my log in to work, their site is rubbish

    • I have my certified copy of born details, but the sneaky buggers laid one doc over my parents signatures, is this an issue? I have another application in for signatures to be shown but no joy yet, also watched your video, could I apply for the original born detail documents be returned as my father created them

      • If they made an error no your document make then correct it, you paid them for something and it must be prived to you without defects, as for getting the original they do not own it, you do and it is your right to have the original, why would they want the original? unless it has value, I would write to the man/woman who is in charge of B.D. & M and tell them you require your property returned and they can keep a copy…

    • The Doc is free they cannot charge you for it, they do not own it, they charge you for the certification of it… well that’s what they charge me, nothing for the doc and $50 for it to be certified…