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    “Unincorporating THE NAME”
    This is PART ONE – Getting an ABN for THE NAME

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    • at 1:55 you click “yes” to being a Aus resident for tax purposes – isn’t a ‘resident’ a creature-of-statue, or at the very least the property of a trust. Doesn’t this make you registered property of corporate Australia?

      • No – The “Resident for tax purposes” is the one that gives its T.F.N. later on and is the one that is about to be unincorporated, When you buy The Name in the next part (Part two – Buying THE NAME), A.S.I.C. sends you a letter saying that it is then registered to the proper noun Name – Not to A.S.I.C or any other Government agent…

        • Thanks! I’ve watched both videos now. What next? I found the Compendium (in the Documents library) and have downloaded that, so I guess things will become clearer once I’ve read that? Do we surrender the Crown birth certificate back and move forward using the newly formed unincorporated Entity as our transmitting utility? I’ll get reading…

          • Look in the Group “Office of Executor” and “How to write Notices and Documents”

            • Thanks. I’ve been distracted with learning about UCC and filing of UCC 1 Financing Statements. Is that relevant in Australia? It appears that one can copyright (in common-law) their trademark (legal name) and become the “secured party” for same via a private agreement between the creditor (the Living sui juris Man) and the DEBTOR legal-fiction/artificial person (Birth Certificate entity?). Comment?

          • The UCC is in their world – if you play with their toys you are in their sand box and therefore must play by their rules….

    • Why when putting our legal name at 2:08 why do we not put all caps? Isn’t the legal surname in all caps, and we’re trying to unincorporate that?

    • Do I unincorporate Christian and surname? And is my preferred name both Christian and surname? Blessings and thank you

    • Hi Keith, Have just joined CC and have watched both videos, is the this process for apply for an abn the same for those applying from NZ as wouldnt one need to put an NZ address in ?

    • Hi Keith, I don’t have an address, I live in my coaster bus and move around. Hopefully I will have an address one day but what will I do till then.

    • Hi Keith
      I used my last name when I done the first part with the ABN.
      I called ABR to change the Authorized person to Private.

      Will this be okay even though the declaration at the end was submitted in the family name?

      My question is can I continue with ASIC or not?


      p.s I did try post twice before but they didn’t show up, hopefully this is the only one. Sorry if it has doubled up.

    • 3:55. @admin-keith so in the Associated Individual details do I put all my details Name, DoB and TFN?

    • I have now been through process to un-incorporate my name. I already had an ABN in my full caps name which I used as a sole trader. When I followed the process outlined in Keith’s video, I put in my existing ABN number and filled in all the rest of the information as explained. I was expecting to get a new number that replaced the old one, but now I find when I look up my ABN that there are two ABNs – the original sole-trader ABN which is in my full caps name, and the new unincorporated one which is in my initial caps name.

      Is this right? Should I now cancel the old sole-trader one?
      I am unsure of which ABN to use for my invoicing now.
      Anyone able to point me in the right direction?
      Any help gratefully received.

      (I have successfully registered my name on ASIC, which is attached to the unincorporated ABN)

      • Near the end of getting the A.B.N. did you select “Change of Business Structure” ?

        • Thank you, Keith. I don’t remember seeing that. is that where I went wrong?

          • I’ve just looked back at the video. I’m pretty sure I did do that.

            • Just keep using the “Sole Trader” for the moment, till you Claim your Estate etc. – as long as The Name is Unincorporated that is fine…

            • Having just listened to Thursday’s zoom meeting, Keith mentions that the registered business name with ASIC is in capitals, and registered to the proper caps name. On the instructional video, which I followed, it does not say to put in the name in capital letters when registering with ASIC. The name on the video is blocked out, although the first two letters appear as “Ke…….”, and not “KE….” so I used the proper caps version.

              I’m unsure as to whether my name is indeed unincorporated now, since I now have the old sole-trader name as ALL Caps, and the new unincorporated name as proper caps.

              I’d love some clarity on that. Do I need to redo the ASIC registration with the all caps name?
              I will eventually delete the old sole-trader one, but am still using it for now.

            • It dose not matter how you write The Name, the only thing that matters is that it says that it is unincorporate…

    • Hi this happened after my application what dose it mean? Do I try the application again?

    • Only if it is still active, check on “ABN LOOKUP” – if it is still active, use the ABN – if NOT, then don’t use it…

      Kind regards,

    • HHHmmm, Don’t know..

    • This step is done thank you 🙂

      • Congratulations Sanson…

        • Appreciation Keith, for my young I feel I go directly to part 2, tried to find answer in comments before asking here, please direct me otherwise? Also, if a young is not registered no b/c, not in there system, what remedy would you mentor here?

          • You do it exactly the same way, but unincorporate their Name instead of your Name, get the ABN for their name and then buy it ASIC – exactly the same, use your name, DOB and TFN etc. … “no BC” – I would still do the unincorporating of the Name as it will in their system somewhere (Constructive Trusts, contracts, presumption etc)…

    • Has anyone had this issue?