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    This is Part Two – Buy THE NAME off A.S.I.C.

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    • Hi Keith, Maybe a dumb questions but it seems common one. The Video says don’t tick that we have a business. I already have an ASIC account and a business (pty ltd) and business names registered in ASIC. So is it ok to use this account as it is and just add another business name or should I create a new account? This current one is n my ‘person’s name’ so I don’t think they will allow or it may not be acceptable to open 2 accounts in the same name.

      • The idea is to separate ‘The Man’ (living from ‘The PERSON’ (Dead) using the same account does not do this.. it just continues the fraud…

    • Hello Keith. Quick question. When I fill out the individual representative details. in the family name section. do I put my last name or do I put private?

    • Has anyone been through the process of unincorporating their name, when it was similar to one that already exists on ASIC, that can guide me through the process?

    • I asked this question previously but it appears to have gone missing: At 1:42 the video says “You only need to buy the name once. No need to pay yearly.” Can @admin-keith or anyone else who knows please explain why renewing the name isn’t necessary? Thanks in advance.

      • You only have to buy the name off them, you don’t have to rent it…

        • Thanks for the reply, Keith. Could you please explain what prevents them from taking the name back after the first year if I don’t continue payments?

          • How are they going to take The Name back? say that you are not allowed to use it?

            • I guess I misunderstand the purpose of registering The Name in the first place. I thought it was to prevent them from using it? If so, then what stops them after the first year? If not, could you please explain the purpose of registering The Name?

            • It is the name that was gifted to you the Man-Living Soul, by your parents when born, to be called by, and is your “doing Business as Name” the Name that you execute contract as under common law, They (The State) created a Legal Entity (Birth Certificate) by bastardising the Proper Noun Name ( “…draw you before the judgment seats? 7 Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are called? – James 2 6-7) which is incorporated into the world of Dead legal fictions, so by un-incorporating it and getting the ABN – (that they can see in their world of the dead) Then you go and buy the bastardised Name (Business Name) therefore giving consideration, the only way they could take it back is to give you consideration (Contract Law)… They would like you to rent it but they can’t take back what was never really theirs in the first place they only had the bastardised version of it, that was made by deceit and anything done by fraud is null and void form the beginning…

              It is not just that, that you do the un-incorporating, you also claim you Estate which is part of The Commonwealth, and is not theirs give and then you put The Name in Trust, and anything that is placed into a Trust the Trustee becomes the Legal owner thereof…

              The unincorporate Name is your “Natural Private Person” that you execute contracts as, if they want you to execute contracts for their “Artificial Public Person, then you are entitled to consideration for acting for what they own, which is a limited liability entity and they are responsible for that liability…

    • @admin-keith So in the ASIC part. On behalf of my daughter, would I log in to my ASIC account and purchase this name or create a new account? I feel I should be doing it in my account. Thanks. Sorry for asking so many questions.

        • Hi Keith, I am unincorporating my daughters name and just to be sure, I am at the last section in ‘Privacy’ and under the ‘OR I declare that:’ section and before I hit submit. Do I enter my Christian name or hers in here? The reason I ask is, aren’t I her executor for contracts until she reaches legal age of 18, and shouldn’t it be my name in there?

    • Very Good, Melysa, maybe you should write a book…

    • I’m a little confused as to what un-incorporating the name does. Do we un-incorporate our maidem name or married name? Does this give us an ABN number so we can do business? Can we transfer all our registered assets into a private trust account to protect them from being taken? I thought once you had an ABN number, you cant transfer your assets into a private trust?

      • You will have to do both Names, you claim your estate next with the Testament to Will – then put the Name and Estate into trust – Testament to Will you will find in the “Office of Executor” Group…

      • Yes, you execute contracts for her… so use The Name by which you are called by…

    • I didn’t have to pay anything to ASIC Is this because I already have an account with ASIC?

    • I click the asic connect button but no but no sign up is there

    • managed to sign up now I cannot sign in its f,,,kn driving me over the edge

    • finally got it done…. yeha

    • Hi Keith, my wife is trying to unincorporate her name she has a few questions. 1. Business name does she use her birth name, upper and lower case. 2. When unincorporating her maiden name does she create a new ABN from her unincorporated married name and run 2 separate ABNs. Then create a business name in her maiden name aswell. At the end she will have 2 business names, married and maiden, is this correct.

    • All done. Yippee…🙂

    • For anyone not sure what to put for the representative name at 2:00 in part2, this is the way most seem to have gone. Hope this helps for anyone not sure which titles they aught to be putting in these boxes. Cheers! (:

    • I’m going to unincorporate my name with video 1 now and I do have a tax file no do I add it in?

    • what time the meeting at the risk today

    • Risking asking possible the stupidest question ever, Is ‘Proposed Business Name’ at 1.33, their legal fiction name or my God given, known by name?

      • It is the Name that you wish to Unincorporate eg. your Birth Certificate NAME, Deed Pole NAME, Married Name… Your name as a Proper Noun is proper English which is your common law “Doing Business as” Name and is fine to use, any Bastardisation of that name is Incorporated into the Corporate World…. of Dead Legal Fictions.

    • Hi Keith,When l am filling in the Abr ,my postal address is a P o box,is this going to be a problem. As the directions are only for a physical address? JM