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    Hi @admin-keith. What are your thoughts on indenturing the straw-man / artificial public person into private trust ?

    • It is, The Name = The Person is put into trust and the Trustee becomes the Legal Title Owner of it, the Fiduciary Nominee – Beneficial Owner and proprietor of all property in fee simple (Common law)…

      • So that would mean that any earnings of the The Name would need to go into the private trusts account for the benefit of the Beneficiary’s and would obviously be tax exempt…. Can you foresee any undesirable implications from being the Trustee / Legal Title Owner / Fiduciary over your own Straw-man / Person ? Also if the State owns and controls…Read More

        • There is no undesirable implication, that is why we do it, so you are not the person you are the Executor or Trustee of the person (in any name) because the State does not own it after you Unincorporate it and buy the name off them…

  • @admin-keith Could you please invite me into discord? maxied #8557 Thank you. I’ve tried your video without success.

  • Hi @admin-keith, thanks for your videos. I am onto part two and have created account and logged back in however i am not getting the next screen as in your video, i am getting the screenshot attached, any assistance on how i can get to the next stage you show would be greatly appreciated – Astrid

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    • It is the ASIC site, I don’t know i have never had that message before, just do what it say and see what happens or the tabs at the top of the page maybe…

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    Hi, @admin-keith is there any way to remove the notifications when someone joins the group. It is too difficult to filter through information with so many notifications of new group members. Thanks, Deb

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    @admin-keith So in the ASIC part. On behalf of my daughter, would I log in to my ASIC account and purchase this name or create a new account? I feel I should be doing it in my account. Thanks. Sorry for asking so many questions.

      • Hi Keith, I am unincorporating my daughters name and just to be sure, I am at the last section in ‘Privacy’ and under the ‘OR I declare that:’ section and before I hit submit. Do I enter my Christian name or hers in here? The reason I ask is, aren’t I her executor for contracts until she reaches legal age of 18, and shouldn’t it be my name in there?

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