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    How to write Notices and Documents, how to address them, who to address, uses of the Office, writing to the living and not the dead legal fiction, establishing who you are, use of proper English grammar etc.

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  • 200 Group logo of Unincorporate ”The Name”
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    Unbind from of the Corporate System (STATE = HER)… start by joining this group and unincorporating and buy The LEGAL NAME…

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  • 157 Group logo of Getting Your "Form of Information of Birth"
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    How to get your ”Live Birth Record” which is what your parents fill out when you are born living, and the doctor and midwife sine it, this is the originating document for the B.C., and is evidence of your […]

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  • 119 Group logo of Office of Trustee
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    Claiming the Legal Estate

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  • 66 Group logo of Getting Started and Discord
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    Direction regarding where to go from here. What are the next steps?. Check in here if you are not sure what to do first, or for help connecting to

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  • 91 Group logo of Commonwealth Custodians
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    Protecting The Commonwealth

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    The People of Queensland

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