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    Since a very young age Philippe has had a love for movies, particularly action movies from Hong Kong. Since 1994 Philippe has been actively involved in film, TV and radio whilst living in Thailand. Philippe’s movie credits include Street Fighter where he was first introduced to stunt man Ronnie Vreeken, Operation Dumbo Drop and The Quest where he met stunt legend Alex Kuzelicki.

    His other credits include The Great Raid, At World’s End, Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Iron Sky and The Killer Elite where he worked with Jason Statham and Robert De Nero. He has also worked on Pirates of the Caribbean, San Andreas, Aquaman, Shan Chi to name but a few.

    For the last couple of years Philippe has been creating online content that's Action Film related. Philippe remembers a time when obtaining any kind of information in regards to the film industry  was nearly impossible. Philippe wants to share his knowledge and first hand experience with you so that you are one step ahead of creating your dream career as an Action Performer in the film industry.

    Philippe's involvement in the film industry has also allowed Philippe to acquire camera and editing skills, essential for filmmaking and performing. Consequently, Philippe has filmed and edited well over one hundred action scenes.


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