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    1 year, 2 months ago
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    • Spare a thought for the aspects our friend covers but analyses from the perspective of a ‘Citizen’ (not considering unincorporation). Wait til peoples Tech Pennies start Really dropping…. best I can tell getting swallowed in the mettaverse is not in the best interests of living men and women. I’ve been actively veering away from the ‘public internet billboard’ wherever I sort of can for a decade or more now, once it became apparent the clearly nefarious agendas. I’ve used various Linux operating systems over the past decade, alongside Windows up to Win7. In 2020 I ditched windows all together when their crazy new rendition became the forced upgrade to cr@p option. Now lo and behold look from Win11 if you install their code (agree to T&C) on your hardware, your hardware is now effectively the property of MS. Like your car with the Rego. Where does this go to conclusion? . I also never used Apple due to the blatant commercial scam, I don’t care how flashy or slick it seems. Plus with Apple particularly and their Govt. integration on ‘policies’ they can now put pictures on your phone like YOU DID it then frame you for whatever they like. You choose it. Microsoft is just virus and statutory rape city, a heavy thick sluggish corporate cesspool of backwards-ness that requires crazy processing power to tell you 3+3=6. … :3


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