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    Hi, @razorsedge I wonder if you could assist in the above comprehension for me. I have unincorporated myself. I have downloaded the testament to will but when I read through it there was a paragraph that says to re-write this document to make it my own and not to give it to anyone. I do not fully grasp how I am to rewrite it and make it my own,…Read More

    • I’ll give it a go, although I am learning these things too. The TtW is something you need to understand, and agree with. If there is anything in there you don’t understand, well, learn what it means (or remove if you don’t agree). Also you have to replace all of the PERSONal info in there so that it is Yours not someone else’s Person. . Claiming…Read More

      • Thank Raymond, I really appreciate the info.
        I have downloaded the Compendium and am wading my way through it. I will sit with my partner and go through these 13 points along with what you’ve helped us with and go through it step by step.
        I have joined a few groups, not sure if I have joined the Trustee Group so will go ahead and link in…Read More


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