Where to start –

Anyone who is new and are wondering where to start this exciting adventure, I highly recommend

1) going to the document library and download The Compendium of Organic Nations and making your way through reading this.

2) Then to interact with the community go to discord. To get onto discord you will need to go to your profile by clicking on your pic, profile and follow arrow to authorise discord0, then you can get into discord. There are past zoom meeting videos to watch in the menu area on the left #.

3) Join the zoom meetings on Monday and Thursday nights at 7:30pm NSW time

4) Join groups like “how to unincorporate your name” and attain your living information of birth.

This is the basic starter kit to get you going. If you are interested in being a part of taking back The Parliament of The Commonwealth of Australia then email electionadmin@commonwealthcustodians.org simply stating what it is you would like to be involved with.

eg. Caretaker role, Election booths, counting votes, being a representative for the people in your electorate, etc.

Anything that can use your super powers to get this job done will be so valued and appreciated as we work together.

This is very exciting time in Australian history and will be the legacy we leave our future generations. Much love to all and I look forward to getting to know you. Please feel free to add me as your friend on this site and share your story. I really enjoy hearing what and how you have landed on the solution in your journey to discovery.

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