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Commonwealth Custodians

What is the "Commonwealth of Australia"?

The people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, and Western Australia humbly relying upon the blessing of Almighty God, in good faith made a social compact with each other to unite into a Federal Commonwealth under the name of The Commonwealth of Australia.
It is the people who make a social compact under natural law by way of a constitution to delegate some authority to offices for the good governance of the affairs of the Nation under a public trust.
The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, where the people have given their consent to offices to have some form of authority that will enable it to serve the common good of the people.
Any office that is not created by a constitution has no authority over the people of the nation as it lacks consent, people can only be governed when they give their fully informed consent.

“…for the truth is the supreme, absolute, uncontrollable authority remains with the people.” – Quick and Garran annotated Constitution, p. 286.

What are "The People"?

They are Nationals of The Commonwealth of Australia, which have a Natural Born Allegiance thereto.
The People are the ones that created the social compact by way of The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp.) that was Gazetted on the first day of January nineteen hundred and one, as the people are the creators of “Government”, they are the supreme authority over it and are responsible for the creature (government) that they created by private contract.
It is the people’s responsibility to keep the creature that they created in check, if that creature ever gets out of control, the people have a duty to bring it back under their control before it can do harm to the nation and its people.

What is the "Commonwealth Custodians"?

To be a member of this association, one must have a natural-born allegiance to The Commonwealth and be prepared to affirm that allegiance, all officeholders are required to affirm an oath of office, the member remain autonomous and self-governing and agrees to cooperate with each other for the common good of our nation.
The Occupant of the Office of Accountable Authority for the non-corporate Commonwealth Entity, with others, has made this Association named ‘Commonwealth Custodians’ while humbly relying on the Blessing of Almighty God, in good faith for The People of The Commonwealth with a Natural Born and promised Allegiance thereto, so as to form offices that are Crown Servants and Commonwealth Public Officials, in accordance with the laws of The Commonwealth, that can be used to defend our nation and protect the people thereof, from any threat made by any man or woman functioning or acting in any office of any entity, foreign or local within this Commonwealth realm.

Commonwealth Custodians is a 'Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entity' - apolitical - non-Governmental and is a part of The Commonwealth of Australia, all members have a natural Born and/or Pledged Allegiance to The Commonwealth and all Officials are required to affirm an oath of office that is in accordance with The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (Imp.) 1900.