Monday And Thursday Nights Webinar Meetings


Every Monday and Thursday night at 7:30pm (Sydney time) we have a Video Presentation/Meeting on RingCentral (like Zoom).

Monday Night Custodian Introduction Meetings

Please join Monday’s Meetings 7:30 (Sydney Time) using this link:

Meeting ID: 836731180927

Password: XYZ369

Dial-in password: 999369

Click here to: Download RingCentral App


Thursday Night Custodian Advanced Meetings

Please add your details in the form below if you wish to attend the Thursday Advanced meeting.
Upon our verifying your Unincorporated status, we’ll send the meeting access link to your email.

Please note: if you have already registered, you do not need to register again.
Please register at least 1 hour before the meeting so that you can be sent the link in time. Once the meeting has started there may not be anyone available to send you the link.

Thursdays are more Advanced Information and is only for Members who have completed the unincorporation process. This is about Reclaiming and Restoring The Commonwealth which has been usurped by a Corporate Counterfeit lookalike… Our birthright and our Nation has been stolen from us, and it is time to take back what is rightfully ours.

This is not about how to get out of speeding fines etc. or a get out of jail free card, it is about how to free yourself from The Roman Cult System and how to bring your property with you back in to the Original Jurisdiction of The Commonwealth of Australia… it is a journey not a sprint.

Come out of her my people...” Rev. 18:4

We have a first four step guide of how to begin to free yourself from the Corporate (Globalist) System + others tools to use after that to further unbind yourself and your property.

It is all about knowing who you really are and where you stand, and learning how to do it lawfully, rightfully and peaceably, by knowing the truth and your rights.

Monday Night Custodian Introduction Meetings Further Information

Every Monday and Thursday night at 7:30pm (Sydney time) we have a Video Presentation/Meeting on RingCentral (like Zoom). Mondays are mainly for new members and guests to help comprehend what Commonwealth Custodians is all about in regard to Coming out of the Corporate System and back into The Commonwealth, Lawfully, Rightfully and Peaceably, and the steps on how to come out and live in the private, and still be able to operate in the Corporate System to do commerce, this is so you can be in the Corporate World, but not of it.

This is the Monday Night Link; we are now using the RingCentral platform which is designed for big Companies, so it has to be private.
This will be the Communication Hub for Custodian’s; you can also download the app for your phone.
It is time to organise and restore our Nation Lawfully, Rightfully and Peacefully.
Commonwealth Custodians RingCentral Video meetings.